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Brian is Gay (and so am I)

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He's not gay. He's got a wife and three grown boys. Yet when his youngest son comes home from college for Thanksgiving and brings his very gay roommate, things...get a little gay.

4k short. m/m, age gap, anal, closeted

Taken Hard by His Gay Roommate

This is a hard and fast PWP (porn without plot).  Eric's roommate Jason is gay and has the bad (good?) habit of wandering the house half-naked and showering with the door open. Eric has had enough--he wants Jason and he wants him bad.

2.5k word short.  M/M

Alone in the Winter

Two French-Canadian trappers in a time long past relish living alone in a tiny cabin in the woods, when every snow storm leads to an excuse for hot times.

3,500 word short
Historical Bear sex, romance.

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The Photographer's Muse
8,500 word short
BDSM, rough sex, anal virginity, romance

Nick lives a solitary existence in NYC. Invisible. Alone. Until a photographer walks up to him in the park one day and asks to take his picture. Esteban lives in a world of art, sex, and domination. Nick is introduced to this world and he falls in love with it...and Esteban.

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 He Needs Discipline #2: Excuses
6,000 word short
Brother/Brother incest, BDSM, anal play, oral, masturbation.
Jake can't forget the evening he spent with Dorian. He gets drunk on purpose, knowing his brother will "punish" him. Dorian knows a paddle and a pair of cuffs won't be enough this time.

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He Needs Discipline
5,000 word short.
brother/brother incest, BDSM, oral, masturbation.
Buff, alpha Jake is in trouble for drunk driving. For the first time ever he looks to his 8 years older 1/2 brother Dorian for help. Dorian agrees he needs discipline...and has every intention of giving it to him.

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Brother Wrestling/Wrestling Match
1,400 word short.
brother/brother incest, gay sex, wrestling.
No matter how old they get, when little brother Lance messes up, older brother Paul must teach him a lesson.

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