Honey Swell

Her Work:

Modeling for Mitch
by Honey Swell

College student Addison's car is broken down and she needs money fast. Checking online she discovers photographer & amateur pornographer Mitch is looking for models...

All I Want (Poetry)
by Honey Swell

A collection of hot verse.

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Ed Plunges In
by Honey Swell

Plumber Ed's wildest fantasies come true when he takes a job for sexy Nancy. 1,700 word short. M/F

Taking her Stepsister (m/f/f, pseudo incest)
4000 words.
Stepsisters, best friends, lovers? Annalse and Gabrielle were inseparable until they went away to different colleges, and then Gabrielle came home the next summer with a fiance! Gabrielle shows her best friend that they will always love each other...and now Stephen too.

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Tiger Girl Safari (m/f, breeding, anthro, beast)
3000 words.
Danny just wants to get a nice picture of some wild animals, maybe a tiger! But his wildlife safari seems to be a bust. He goes for a walk and discovers a friendly cat girl in heat. Her name is Lilah and he can take her home with him...after he gets a tour of the tiger/human breeding facilities.

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