Rosalyn Coleman

Her Work:

Shane & Ashley: Lady Red's BDSM Dating Service #2

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Twenty-three-year-old Ashley shows up at Lady Red's BDSM Dating Service with no experience and a particular book in tow. Lady Red sends her to Shane, an older, experienced Dom, to teach her a thing or two about BDSM. 

6,000 word short. M/F, BDSM, bondage, spanking.

Three Rakes...and a Secretary
Novella. (15,000 words)

Effeminate secretary Felix ends up the entertainment at a very unusual party. Regency Erotica. M/M/M/M

Kira & Luce: Lady Red's BDSM Dating Service #1
Short. (4.4k)
Contains: f/m, Femdom BDSM, romance.

Lady Red is the ultimate matchmaker for the kink scene. She brings together Luce, a submissive longing for someone to trust, and Kira, a domme searching for some strength in her submissive.

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Miss Catherine Stewart's Fortnight of Debauchery
Novella. (33k words.)
Contains: m/f, f/f, m/m, orgies, virgins, bdsm, toys, fisting, bondage and more. (TONS of sex scenes)

Catherine goes to a two-week visit with the intention of finding a husband, but she encounters a Regency style orgy instead.

My Sister and the Priest
Contains m/f, voyeurism, masturbation

An innocent Christian girl witnesses a not so innocent encounter when she follows her sister to church.

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Shy Baby
Contains: m/f/f, bondage, seduction, defloration

College professor Greg Mason and grad-student Anna love freshmen girls. Especially the shy ones hiding secret erotic fantasies, which Anna draws out of them and Greg fulfills.

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7,000 word short.
Contains: f/f, bdsm, bondage, anal play, oral, spanking

At her bachelorette party Ginny reveals a secret to her friends: she's always wanted to be kidnapped and ravished by another woman. Jo, a lesbian, just happens to have had a very similar fantasy. Both women are affected when Jo decides to see the fantasy through on the eve of Ginny's wedding.

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