Celestia Dew

Her Books:

The Fountain of Hermaphroditus
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In ancient Greece a young man accidentally stumbles on a pool blessed by the gods, turning him into a creature that is both male and female.

Contains M/M and M/Futa scenes. Themes of prostitution and slavery in ancient times.

Short story. 9,800 words.

The Black Masquerade: Your Erotic Story #1
You receive an invitation to the Black Masquerade—but now what? Are you going to choose the sensual vampire Claude? Or strong alpha werewolf Nathan? Pick your path carefully because with multiple combinations and seven different endings (some of them happy, some not), who knows where you’ll end up. But don’t worry. If you’re not happy with how it turns out you can just go back and pick a different path.

Paranormal erotic chose-your-own adventure. Pairings include MF, MMF, MM, and light FF. Contains mild bondage, BDSM, anal, oral, and more.

A mad scientist gets more than he bargained for in this outrageous horror erotica story involving...you guessed it--sex!zombies.

Contains taboo subjects such as necrophilia, non-consent, mind control, & snuff. 3,000 words.

Taken by the Dragon

Short. (4k words)
Contains: F/dragon, monster sex, defloration
Serena grew up alone and sheltered from the world so she could save her village as a sacrifice to the dragon terrorizing them. The dragon carries her away, but he doesn't want to eat her. He wants her, body and soul.

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Not Alone
Twenty-two year old Zell is a member of a research team sent to explore a new planet with the possibility of bringing a human colony there. On her very first day exploring Zell and her partner discover a strange formation in the jungle. Zell falls through and encounters a strange jelly-like creature. Don't worry though, it just wants to study her. Every inch of her, inside and out. Erotica.

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Greek Lust
15,000 words.
Collection. Contains Europa & the Bull, Leda & the Swan, Taken by the Satyr, and Taken by the Centaurs.

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Europa and the Bull $0.99
3,500 words.
The abduction of Europa by Zeus in the form of a bull. Two sex scenes.

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Taken by the Satyr (M/F, oral, fantasy)
5,000 words.
Nymph Anthea spends her days pleasuring young men, but these puny human cocks don't satisfy her anymore. Luckily she's discovered by a satyr.

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Leda and the Swan (m/f, f/god-in-swan-form, impreg)
2,500 words.
Greek Queen Leda is seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan after an encounter with her husband.

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Taken by the Centaurs (m/f, fantasy, reluct, oral, horsecock)
5,600 words.
Young lovers in Ancient Greece, Eleni and Mikhail, run off together. They encounter a heard of Centaurs. Eleni learns some harsh truths about Mikhail and some fantastic truths about her own body.

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Phoenix (m/f, fantasy, cougar)
1,500 words
Dark...sensual.  A fire burns inside her...a fire ready to explode. She haunts the bar, her body worn but still beautiful, looking for a youth to consume.  When she finds him he has no idea how he will fuel her fire...

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Taken by the Fairies (m/f, f/f, gangbang, fantasy)
3,000 words.
Belinda is a young, innocent virgin fearing kidnapping and rape while traveling...instead she stumbles into a fairy ring and is transported into a fairy orgy. The fairies like virgins. They like them a lot.

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